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Talk - The Mysteries of Hallamshire

Category: Previous Events Published on 30 March 2015 Nick Robinson
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Thursday 16th April 7.30 2015

A talk by local author and historian Howard Smith

Free, but arrive early to be sure of a place.

Sheffield's Lost Heritage

Category: Previous Events Published on 09 March 2015 admin
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Wednesday 25th March 7.30pm

Ron Clayton, a well known name in the local history field in Sheffield, has kindly stepped in at short notice to give his talk on Sheffield's Lost Heritage 

Ron has chosen a few outstanding examples from the wealth of architectural heritage that Sheffield has lost to neglect, 'progress'and profit.  Taking in numerous fine old Halls from the 16th and 17th centuries, as well as schools, hotels, pubs and churches, this hair raising survey concludes with Sheffield University's demolition of the listed Jessop's Edwardian Women's hospital building.





Origami at Bishops' House

Category: Previous Events Published on 02 March 2015 Nick Robinson
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Sunday 12th April 1-4pm

Ever wanted to learn the Japanese art of Origami (paper-folding)? Now's your chance! Local expert and origami professional Nick Robinson (50+ books on the subject) and other experienced folders will be present to show you how easy it really is. No experience needed and paper will be provided.

If you have any models you are "stuck" with, bring the diagrams along, we'll show you how to finish them. Some examples of more advanced designs will be on display.

This event is open to all, but we especially welcome those who have a real desire to learn about the subject. Children are welcome, but remember we're not a creche facility - you should stay and fold with your children.

Below is a simple design you can practise with! For more information on folding, please visit the British Origami Society website.

James Dixon and Sons, Victorian, Sheffield silversmiths

Category: Previous Events Published on 09 February 2015 Nick Robinson
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Monday May 18th 2015 7.30

Pauline Bell will give a talk on 'James Dixon and Sons, Victorian, Sheffield silversmiths'.

James Dixon and Sons began in 1806 and by the end of the century had grown from a handful of workmen to a firm employing hundreds of men and women. They produced and exported their goods all over the world, including elegant tableware, candlesticks and centrepieces for the sideboard. Later they were to produce items such as hairbrushes, cigarette cases and various kinds of lamps. Their most elegant pieces came as a result of their association with Christopher Dresser, the man now frequently described as the father of home furnishing. With Dresser's New York and London exhibitions, an EPNS teapot designed and made at Dixon's can now reach prices touching £100,000 at auction. Well known in America for both knives and gun accessories, Dixon's powder flask department manufactured all kinds of products essential to shooting sports, needed at a time when the west was the Wild West and hunting and shooting were about survival. Towards the middle of the twentieth century they became one of the foremost makers of unique sporting trophies such as the Blue Ribband Trophy for the fastest Atlantic crossing by sea, the American Masters' Golf Trophy and numerous Grand National Trophies from the 1950s to the 1970s. Again they had a very talented designer in Charles Holliday. From the 1840s generations of Coopers, the Author's family, worked for Dixon's as silversmiths, stampers, hollowware buffers, finishers and burnishers. They are representative of similar dynasties where sons and daughters followed their fathers and mothers into the firm.

Valentine’s Day crafts

Category: Previous Events Published on 28 January 2015 Nick Robinson
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Saturday February 14th 2015 1 - 3pm

This is a free, fun event, for all the family. Suitable for 5 years and upwards. All children to be
supervised by an adult.

Ken Dash - Doggerland

Category: Previous Events Published on 23 December 2014 Nick Robinson
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Tuesday March 10th 7.30

A talk by local historian Ken Dash. Thousands of years ago at the end of the last Ice Age, Britain was connected to Europe when the North Sea was dry land. This is the story of that lost landscape and the people that crossed it as Britain's first settlers.

POSTPONED: Ken Dash talk about Bishops' House

Category: Previous Events Published on 21 December 2014 Nick Robinson
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POSTPONED  Wednesday 25th March 2015 7.30

Due to unavoidable circumstances we are sorry that we have had to postpone this talk.  Instead,  Ron Clayton will be speaking on this date about Sheffield's Lost Heritage, with particular focus on Sheffield's lost halls of the 16th and 17th centuries.

Ken Dash has spent four years painstakingly surveying Bishops' House and researching its history.  This talk is an ideal opportunity to catch up with the latest discoveries and research about the development of the house and the people who have lived in it over the last 500 years.  

Entry free, but please arrive early to be sure of a place.

Two thousand years of unofficial coinage

Category: Previous Events Published on 21 December 2014 Nick Robinson
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Tuesday February 3rd 2015 7.30

Kaktus Leach talk on "Two thousand years of unofficial coinage"

Entry free, but please arrive early to be sure of a place.

the Sheffield Clarion Ramblers during the 1920s and 1930s

Category: Previous Events Published on 21 December 2014 Nick Robinson
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Thursday March 19th 2015 7.30

 ‘Days of Sun and Rain: the Sheffield Clarion Ramblers during the 1920s and 1930s’. 

Using the journals and photographs of a Sheffield walker, George Willis Marshall, local history writer Ann Beedham provides an insight into the world of rambling in Derbyshire, with its shades of social activism, during the 1920s and 1930s. The Clarion Rambling Club campaigned for the rights of access of ordinary people to moorland areas of the Peaks, a movement which culminated in the historic 1932 Mass trespass of Kinder Scout.

Entry free, but please arrive early to be sure of a place.

The World of Harry Brearley: growing up in working class Victorian Sheffield

Category: Previous Events Published on 21 December 2014 Nick Robinson
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Friday 20th February 2015 7.30pm  

A talk by Robin Fielder.  Better known as the inventor of Stainless Steel, Harry Brearley wrote an autobiography which provides some of the best descriptions we have of what life was like in Victorian times for the workers of Sheffield.

Entry free, but please arrive early to be sure of a place.

An evening of dark improv

Category: Previous Events Published on 05 November 2014 Nick Robinson
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Friday 5th December 2014 @ 7.30

Music from Bishops' House presents another evening of thoughtful, introspective music, featuring:

Lost Garden
Lost Garden are a dark ambient (or pick your own genre!) duo performing quasi-improvised instrumental pieces. They are Andy Peake on keyboards/FX (ex Comsat Angels with whom he released 13 albums, countless singles and toured the world many times) and Nick Robinson (ex Dig Vis Drill, Typhoon Saturday and 20 years of solo looping). They played together in the 80s when Nick joined the Comsat Angels (briefly) and intermittently since, but have finally found the time and the energy to follow our own musical bent. Their debut CD is released soon on English Electric Records. The two musicians mesh beautifully and compare the performance process to “painting with sound” where dynamics and timbre are key elements.  website

Peter Challoner
Peter Challoner is an electronic music composer from the UK, born, raised in Nottingham in the heart of Central England. He is not what you would class as an orthodox musician, having had no formal musical training, and the fact that music, although being a major force in his life, for most of his life, is only a supplementary activity to a career as an architectural technician. It has long been stated that there are strong links between music, architecture, and visual arts in general. ‘My job is creative, a design process from a concept form of an idea into a finished piece of construction, and it's the same approach with my music'  website

Modulator ESP
Modulator ESP: Improvised looped electronic dronescapes, ambient noise voids that occasionally lapse into strange melodies.  website


Carol Singing

Category: Previous Events Published on 05 October 2014 Nick Robinson
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Sunday 21st December 2pm - 4pm

Traditional carol singing. Come and join in with The Friends of Bishops’ House.


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