Events at Bishops House

Free history talk: Weird and Wonderful Creatures of the Medieval Bestiary

Monday 6th April  7.30pm - 9pm 

Elaine Mein demonstrates as Agnes Peterkin “Weird and Wonderful Creatures of the Medieval Bestiary

When it came to fabulous animals like the unicorn, dragon or griffin, it is debatable whether medieval people believed that such creatures really existed. Some undoubtedly did (as some still do today). As for fabulous creatures mentioned in the Bible, (as unicorns and dragons are), the problem became more difficult; if the Bible is acknowledged to be the true word of God, any animal it mentions must surely exist.

With the help of illustrations from “The Bestiary” Agnes Peterkin reveals the wonderful range of fabulous creatures. What they can do, where they live and how to protect yourself from them.

Please note that we cannot always guarantee a seat at our free talks - please arrive early to be more sure of a seat.